World Art Bridge

NPO World Art Bridge is a non-profit organization who organizes cultural projects that connect the world through art. 

Our slogan, "The art to transcend".

We believe in the power of Art that offers us the opportunity for a deep and rich communication sharing emotion and transcending ethnicity, religious or spiritual beliefs, national origin, descent, age, sexual orientation, gender, socio-economic status, political opinions as well as new cultural identities as they emerge. In this modern society, complex and multicultural, art helps us to communicate, exchange and share … 

With the aim of promoting intercultural exchange through art, NPO World Art Bridge organizes exhibitions and artistic and cultural events. 

Our various projects are mainly aimed at building bridges between different cultures through Art and cooperating to feel the common emotion.

NPO World Art Bridge is also responsible for coordination, acting as an intermediary between museums and institutions wishing to organize an exhibition.

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